How to Choose Furniture for a Small Living Room

Designing a small living room can be a challenging task. How do you choose the living room furniture that works best for small spaces? How will you arrange the furniture to make them fit in the living room without making it feel cramped?

These are just some of the most common concerns that come with furnishing a small room. However, it should not mean that you should settle for something dull and lacklustre. The challenge of maximizing a small living room space lies in your choices of furniture and the furniture arrangement.

In this post, we rounded up several helpful tips to beautify your small living room.

  • Pick Multipurpose Furniture

    Store some of your possessions in an ottoman 

    Investing in multifunctional furniture can maximize the use of a living room with limited space. A good example is a storage ottoman. It does not only provide additional seating for guests but also gives you extra storage space. You can also opt for a sofa bed or a coffee table with drawers or a lift-up lid.

  • Incorporate Built-In Storage
  • A large bookshelf, a TV unit, and a chest of drawers can take up plenty of space, limiting the seating space. Opt for a single bespoke combination of drawers, shelving, and cupboard where you can store your stuff. Incorporating bespoke furniture with built-in storage ensures that every inch of the room is used. A good alternative for a conventional TV stand is a built-in cabinet as it provides you with an additional space to store items, creating a clutter-free and well-organized living room. 

  • Decorate with Mirrors

    Mirrors create the illusion of a bigger space

    Swap artwork with a decorative mirror and hang it over a fireplace or on a large empty wall to reflect the natural light from outside. This can make a room look bigger. You can also decorate your living room with metallic accessories, such as trays, bowls, metal table lamps, and floor lamps, to brighten it up. Light coloured palettes or soft tones that reflect light, can also create the illusion of space, so make sure to stick to furniture pieces with these qualities. 

  • Choose Light Coloured Furniture
  • When shopping for furniture for a small living room space, choose the ones that are light-coloured. Lighter hues make a space look bigger and more inviting. If you do choose dark-coloured furniture, add light accents, like a light-coloured rug or a pair of curtains to give your room a homey look. 

  • Go for Modern Furniture
  • Old furniture styles have larger sizes, while modern furniture is slightly smaller and sleeker. Big, plush sofas and overstuffed seats are now considered outdated, while slender sofas and small comfy accent chairs are trending. 

  • Choose the Right Sofa Size

    Sectional looks good in small living rooms


    Having a small living room does not mean you should only opt for a small sofa. If you want to create a comfy, cozy, inviting room, you can go for a bigger piece. Buy a sectional sofa for a small living space that will hug the walls of the room and bring a cocooning feeling. However, you must make sure it’s a light-coloured one so it will not visually appear to take up more space than it does. 

  •  Do Not Forget the Rug
  • The size of an accent rug can have a significant impact on living room spaces, but unfortunately, not too many people realize it. Instead, they think that using a smaller rug is better. If you have a small living room, using a larger rug can seemingly make it appear larger than its actual size. A festive rug can make your room look more spacious and add a splash of colour and style.

    How to Lay Out Your Furniture to Maximize the Space of Small Living Room

    Many of those living in smaller spaces tend to put their furniture up against the walls, thinking it provides more floor space. However, while this layout works perfectly for extremely limited spaces, a good small living room layout must give your furniture room to breathe. Instead, you should pull your furniture away from the wall to help create the illusion of a bigger space. 

    Final Takeaway

    Creating a blueprint for your living room and furniture set helps make the task of choosing the right furniture easier. Before you start shopping for furniture, make sure to take the measurements of your living room and develop a blueprint.

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