9 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping for Furniture

Many people think that shopping for new furniture is a simple process—you go to a furniture store and choose the furniture that appeals to you the most. However, furniture shopping does not work that way. It is often a stressful, expensive process. Unless you do not want to get stuck with furniture pieces that do not work in your room, make sure to stay away from the most common furniture shopping mistakes that will cost you stress, time, and money. 

Shopping for new furniture does not have to be a difficult process. Simply follow this guide so you will end with the furniture that is perfect for your home improvement project. Just remember to avoid these blunders.

  • Not Thinking Ahead
  • Some people rush to shop for furniture without planning it ahead. When it comes to shopping for the right pieces of furniture, make sure to consider your living space, lifestyle, and future living. These factors can eventually change in the next few years. For instance, if you are planning to move to another apartment in the next 3 years, consider how the overall square footage might change and the floor layout for your furniture. 

    When you are looking for some furniture update ideas online, you need to think wisely before buying “long-term” furniture pieces, like a  sofa set and a dining table. Do not get caught up with trendy pieces as they will eventually become off-the-trend after a few months or years. 

  • Buying on Impulse
  • Impulse buying is among the most common furniture shopping mistakes people make just because the price seems irresistible or the piece looks too good to pass up. Others might be in a hurry to buy due to an impending arrival of guests. Avoid making any hasty decisions so you won’t end up regretting it in the long run. 

  • Not Considering Your Lifestyle
  • If you want to upgrade your home and shop for new pieces of furniture, there are a few important factors to consider, including your lifestyle and how long you plan to keep the furniture. Also, don’t forget to consider other factors, such as children and pets. Be realistic with the current situation and choose high-quality and durable furniture designed to withstand the test of time. 

  • Ignoring Scale and Colour
  • Make sure the furniture fits perfectly in the room


    A sofa may look just right in the store but can be too big or too small for your home. Also, the colour of the furniture may complement the showroom but it might not be suitable for the decor and colour scheme in your home. This is especially true when you are looking at pieces from furniture shops online. Before visiting the showroom, make sure to get an accurate measurement of the room where you are planning to place the furniture and get the dimension of the item, as well, to see if it fits perfectly. You can do it by taping out the furniture outline to check how much of the floor space it will take up. While this does not account for the volume, it will give you an idea of the layout.

  • Being Impractical
  • Some people purchase something simply because it is pleasing to the eye. While it is not wrong to buy a beautiful furniture piece, make sure to consider its practicality. Take some time to look around and choose a piece of furniture and let practicality come into play. 

    For instance, if you have kids, choose minimalistic style furniture to leave more room in your living room for some playtime. On the other hand, if you have visitors coming frequently to your home, getting a complete sofa set and a dining table with an extra leaf is a good idea. If you think you have not found the right furniture in the store, you can always choose a better one nearby. 

  • Not Reading Customer Reviews
  • If you want to get a good idea about the quality of certain furniture, reading product reviews from customers will give you an idea of how the furniture looks and feels as advertised. One bad review does not necessarily mean you should not purchase the item, but make sure to steer clear of products with plenty of bad reviews as it indicates poor quality, construction, or issue with use. 

  • Sacrificing Quality for Price
  • Although it is important to stick to your budget so you would not go overboard, furniture with a low price may not always mean great value for your money. 

    Often, cheap as chips furniture are made of poor-quality materials that can easily get damaged and do not last long. You may have saved hundreds of dollars now, but you will likely spend more on repairs or premature replacements. While you do not have to invest in expensive ones, it is worth searching for good-quality furniture that fits your budget. 

  • Buying a Whole Set of Furniture
  • Many furniture pieces for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and lounges are sold in sets. Although purchasing whole furniture sets makes shopping easier and more convenient, make sure that you have the right set. You can ask the staff at the furniture store if it is possible to replace an item that you may not need. Do you need all the pieces that come with the set? Be sure to take some time to consider carefully if the whole furniture set fits well in your home. 

  • Not Asking for Help
  • Don’t hesitate to ask for help from the salesman


    Salespersons are hired to assist customers and give advice and suggestions to help you make a better decision when buying an accent chair for your living room, a desk for your office, or a dresser for your bedroom. Consulting them will give you a better idea of all the options you have. If you want a salesperson’s undivided attention, shop on a weekday since weekends tend to be a busy day for them. 

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